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Booting Linux by the boot manager of Boot-US

Linux can be installed on a primary or logical partition on any hard disk. In order that such a partition can be booted by the boot manager of Boot-US the Linux loader LILO must be installed onto the boot sector of the Linux partition.

Below you will find a concrete example for the configuration file /etc/lilo.conf which has been kindly provided by a user (Sebastian Steinmetz) who boots Linux by the boot manager of Boot-US. In this case Linux is installed on a logical partition on the second EIDE disk (boot=/dev/hdb5). When Linux resides on another location the installation target of LILO must be modified appropriately. Starting with LILO 21.6 the Linux boot partition may reside beyond 8 GB limit (parameter lba32).

Example for /etc/lilo.conf:
# LILO configuration file

# Start LILO global Section
boot=/dev/hdb5           # installation target of LILO 
compact                  # faster (not guaranteed to work)
vga = normal             # force sane state
lba32                    # overcome the 8 GB limit 
# End LILO global section

image = /boot/vmlinuz    # image to boot
  root = /dev/hdb5       # root partition
  label = Linux          # appears at LILO prompt
  alias = l               
After each change of this configuration file the modifications must be written back to disk by executing /sbin/lilo.